Conference calls that sound great and go wherever you do. Imagine that.

Sound has come a long way since the 1970s. Mobile technology has too. So why are teams stuck on conference calls that sound bad and drop all the time? Take a listen to the experience you’re used to — and the difference of Voxeet.

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    Sounds like an AM radio — in between stations. Oh the joy of traditional audio bridges and passcodes that make you want to pull your hair out.

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    Delivers better sound, but lousy latency and unreliable quality keep teams from working at top speed. Remember: Better than bad isn’t ok.

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    The way team conferencing should be. Proprietary TrueVoice technology delivers crystal clear sound that allows your team to get business done anywhere, anytime.

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3D-HD Sound

Super advanced sound technologies. Surprisingly simple results.

Voxeet creates an easy, intuitive, reliable conferencing experience through a blend of state-of-the-art sound technologies called “TrueVoice.” Take a peek under the hood.



Advanced noise processing

Without clear sound, conferencing can’t be effective. Frustrating echo, static and background noise make it impossible to collaborate successfully.

Voxeet’s advanced noise processing increases understanding and enhances productivity, making every Voxeet conference call more effective.


Spatial audio rendering

Sick of trying to figure out who said what? Voxeet’s visual interface ensures you always know who’s talking by assigning every caller a unique avatar. Move it around the screen and the person’s voice moves with it—creating a virtual experience that feels as natural as being in the same room.




Individual audio streams

Traditional conference calls puree every voice into a sound soup. Callers on Voxeet, by contrast, get individual audio streams. That means their voices sound like they’re coming from a distinct place, just like in a face-to-face meeting.



Voxeet was the first conferencing app to deploy a cutting-edge standard for real-time communications called WebRTC. The result: improved audio capture and playback, jitter control and adaptive quality management — key features for reinventing the conference call for the mobile era.


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