For anyone out there who sits on conference calls on a daily basis, this video from comedy duo Tripp and Tyler should strike close to home. The viral sensation has racked up nearly 3 million views in the past six days — a testament to just how low our conference calling expectations have become.

There’s a serious side to all this joking around, of course. Conference calls plagued by bad sound quality, people on mute when they don’t intend to be, constant interruptions from new arrivals and early exits, ongoing confusion about who’s talking to whom, and yes, the background barking of a yappy mutt all leads to a breakdown in communication. And with bad communication comes a lack of collaboration and connectivity, which ultimately leads to less innovation and business success.

That’s why improving the quality of conference calls and the user experience for every participant is a big deal. In the present day and age, it’s rare to get all the key members of a conversation sitting around the same table, yet the importance of conversation has not diminished in the mobile era. If anything, it’s grown more important.

So let’s laugh about this video for a few minutes. Then let’s get serious in raising our expectations for what a conference call should be.

That’s what gets us out of bed each morning here at Voxeet — to create the best possible user experience possible and to redefine group conferencing in the process. After closing $1.5 million in funding (woohoo!), we look forward to rolling out even more features in the coming weeks to make Voxeet the most natural, clear and intuitive conferencing app on the market, no matter the device. If all goes according to plan, Tripp and Tyler won’t have anything to satirize by the time we’re done.

Look forward to taking this journey with you,

Stephane, Founder & CEO