How to use Voxeet

Getting started

Looking to get started with Voxeet? It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Create an account
    • To create an account, simply Sign Up to Voxeet. Fill in your email address and name, create a password and click “Sign Up.” We’ll send you an email asking you to activate your account. Just click on the link we send you, and you’re done.
  2. Add your contacts
    • Log in to Voxeet and click on “Contacts.” From here, there are three ways you can add friends and coworkers to your contact list:
    • Search on Voxeet: To search for contacts who are already using Voxeet, enter the name or email address of the person you’re looking for in the “Search on Voxeet” search box. Once you’ve found the right person, click “Invite” and we’ll send your contact an invitation to connect.
    • Invite via email: To send an invitation to someone who isn’t using Voxeet yet, click on “Invite via Email” and enter that person’s email address (and a personal message, if you like). We’ll send your contact an email with an invitation to download Voxeet.
  3. Start conferencing
    • To start your conference call, simply click on the contacts you want to invite. You’ll see your selected participants highlighted in yellow. Once you’ve selected everyone, click “Call.” Voxeet does the rest.

Managing your account

Once you’ve gotten started, managing your account is a cinch.

  1. Managing calls
    • To add additional participants to a live conference call using the mobile app, simply select the “+” sign on the left of the mobile conference room and click “Invite.” On the desktop version, go to your “Contacts” tab, click on the contacts you want to invite and click “Add to Call.”
    • If you want to switch to a different conference call that’s already underway, click on the “Conferences” button above your list of contacts and select the live conference you’d like to join.
    • When someone is calling you for a conference call, you’ll see an “Incoming Call” window pop up on your screen. Click “Accept” to join the call or “Decline” to refuse it.
    • Leave your conference call anytime by clicking “Leave Conference.” To learn more about making the most of every conference call, check out our product page.
  2. Managing contacts
    • If someone has sent you a contact request, your invitation bar will be highlighted in red. Click on “Invitations” to accept or decline the invitation.
    • If you’re on a conference call with someone new, you can add that person to your contacts by clicking on his or her avatar.
    • To delete a contact, click on “Show Options” under your contact’s name, then click “Delete.”
  3. Managing groups
    • To organize your contacts into groups, click on “Edit Groups” in the Contacts section. Enter the name of your group and click “Create.”
    • To add a new contact to one of your existing groups, click on “Show Details” next to the contact you want to add and select the name of the group from the group menu.
  4. Managing settings
    • Voxeet stays open in the background so you don’t miss any calls. If you want to log out or change your status, click on the status bar under your name.
    • To access your profile information or change your name, username, password or picture, click on the settings icon on the top left of your screen.
    • To switch from using headphones to speakers or change your microphone or ring settings on a PC, click on the settings icon and select “Audio.” Once you’re done changing and testing your settings, click “Apply.” (If you’re in a conference call, you’ll need to leave and come back in order for the changes to take effect.)
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