What is Voxeet?

Voxeet’s Natural Conferencing service takes teleconferencing to the next level. Voxeet delivers crystal clear voice quality, 3-D sound and visual cues to help identify who’s speaking, and one-click transfer to your cell phone. Voxeet enables multiple participants conferences for private conversations, business meetings or team collaboration.

By |November 26th, 2012|

Where do I download Voxeet?

Download Voxeet for PC here
Download Voxeet for iPhone, iPad and Android here

For other devices, sign up here

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Do I need a headset?

No, you can use Voxeet with your computer’s speakers and microphone. However, to experience our natural high definition fully, we recommend you use headphones. You can find some accessories here.

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How can I try 3D audio?

You don’t have to do anything, all conferences in Voxeet are already in 3D. Once in a conference, you can drag participants to your left or to your right, closer or further away. For instance, if you are in a meeting with clients, you can put them on your right so you will immediately know if your client is speaking. You can use the same technique with your colleagues and superiors to help you focus on what the most important participants say. You don’t need headphones to hear 3D sound but bare in mind that some of the quality and immersion …

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What about video?

At Voxeet, we decided to dedicate all of our energy to providing unprecedented high definition sound quality. Video might come later on, but we believe there are still lots of improvements that can be made for online audio conference calls first!

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