Manage your conference call contacts

Add your contacts in a few simple steps. Keep them neatly grouped to make team conference calls a breeze.

Our contact and group management tools make it easy to find current Voxeet users and invite friends and coworkers to join you on Voxeet—plus keep them all organized once you’re connected.

Don’t worry about collecting phone numbers or hunting down individual meeting participants. Keep your contacts at your fingertips.

Add contacts on Voxeet by email or address book

Search contacts

Search for contacts already on Voxeet, or select new ones from your address book and/or email.

invite contacts to download Voxeet

Get connected

Click on the contacts you’d like to add. We’ll send them emails with invitations to download Voxeet.

group conference call contacts

Create groups

Click on “Edit Groups” in the Contacts section to create new groups and get your conference call contacts organized.