Features Highlights

Voxeet is audio conferencing, redefined. We think that everyone deserves only the highest quality audio, with a user experience and interface that take the frustration out of group conferencing. With Voxeet, there’s no background noise, no echo, no talk-over—just exceptionally clear 3D immersive sound. Add simple visual cues and plenty of other great features, and you’ll never have to go back to bad conference calls.

  • Intuitive user interface: Our easy-to-use interface is optimized for group collaboration.
  • UI_hi-res_contacts

  • One-click conference creation: Start a new conference with a single click no matter where you are—even on your cell phone.
  • Always-on: Select the conferences you want to join, and leave them on all day as open channels or virtual rooms.
  • Contact management: Easily sort, group and invite contacts from your iPhone address book, email or Facebook.
  • Virtual conference table: Move participants’ pictures—and voices—around your virtual conference table so you always know who’s talking.
  • Whisper mode: Have a private, two-way conversation while listening to the group call without disrupting other participants.
  • One-click transfers between devices: Transfer calls from your computer to your cell phone with a single click, so you don’t have to hang up and redial when you’re on the go.