Scheduling made simple with Voxeet group conference calls

Let Voxeet do all the work of setting up and kicking off your conference calls for you.

Schedule your meeting through our app, or by adding Voxeet to your list of participants in Outlook, iCal, Google Calendar, Live, Lotus, Xing or Yahoo! Either way, Voxeet will create the meeting, notify your participants and call everyone—including you—at the scheduled time.

Say goodbye to dial-ins and PINs. Don’t even worry about calling in. Voxeet has it handled.

schedule conferences on a calendar

Schedule through the app

Set up your call on one single, simple screen.

invite Voxeet for conference calls

Schedule with your calendar

Set up your call in your calendar of choice—just be sure to include in the invitee list.

schedule a group conference call

We’ll call you

Simply sign in to Voxeet when it’s time for your conference call to start. We’ll call you (and everyone else).