HD voice alone is not enough to solve call quality issues

Molly Wood’s recent New York Times piece about HD voice nicely articulates the frustrations of poor call quality that most of us experience every day. We agree that calls, personal or group, don’t have to sound terrible. In fact, they should sound great. But the standard HD applications she mentions are only another half step toward strong, consistent sound quality—not the solution.

As the CEO of Voxeet, I spend every day (and more than a few nights) thinking about how to create mobile calling experiences that provide clear, consistent sound quality, no matter what device you’re on, where you’re calling from …

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“You’re Doing It Wrong!” How to Make Your Conference Calls More Effective

Conference calls are invaluable. They foster long-distance cooperation while keeping your projects on track, but most of the time, they’re also mind-numbingly boring. While most calls are 30 minutes or less, you’ve probably been stuck in at least a few that stretch more than a couple of hours.

Here are the five best ways to keep your conference calls nice and short:

1. Preparation

Have you ever made a conference call before? If not, now is the time to familiarize yourself with the software and equipment (if any). The minute you take a break to figure out a feature, the entire …

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Voxeet, the Grand Prix of Group Conferencing Apps

Video games have awesome sound – why not conference calls?

Strapping yourself in behind the wheel of a Grand Prix car in a racing video game is an all-immersive audio experience — the engine roars, the pavement thrums, the wind whooshes by the wings.

The common conference call, by contrast, is a primitive sound experience, like a walkie talkie. It’s hard to know who’s talking when. Voices drown each other out. Static causes painful breaks and interruptions and can obscure half the points being made.

The team at Voxeet decided to bring Grand Prix sound into the conference room. Our goal was to …

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Voxeet raises $1.5 Million for its pitch-perfect conference call solution

First of all, Voxeet has got something that none of the other players have – having tried it out on a call with CEO Stephane Giraudie, I must say I’m impressed – and that’s audio quality. Voxeet makes one promise: no more choppy calls. The audio comes through clear, no matter what – and frankly, it makes a huge difference in the phone call. No more “can you repeat that?”s or calls that just never happen because one or both of the callers are unable to get to a reliable internet connection.

Today, the Voxeet app is free to download for iOS, …

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Voxeet goes WebRTC with major sound improvements for conference calls

Summary: Thanks to a new audio stack, Voxeet offers “3DHD” sound with wideband audio codecs for improved conference call clarity. The updated app makes it easy to schedule calls and switch between devices while talking to the group.

Voxeet 2.0 is relatively hassle-free for setting up conference calls as well. The app integrates with contact lists and Facebook and also with various calendar software such as Google Calendar, Outlook and iCal. Adding meet@voxeet.me as a contact will actually schedule a meeting and call each participant so they don’t have to dial in or remember arcane PINs. Best of all, group members …

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