Natural conferencing defined

Why don’t traditional conference calls work?
The answer lies in the science of the human brain.

face-to-face meeting

Face to face

In face-to-face meetings, your brain quickly analyzes who is sitting where, creating a model of the room in your head. It also evaluates the acoustics of the space to help you determine from which direction voices or other sounds might come.

Traditional conference calls

In traditional conference calls, every voice comes from the same place (your telephone or computer mono speaker), it’s virtually impossible to distinguish one voice from another. Other subtle audio and visual clues that help you understand the meeting dynamic are lost entirely. By the time your brain processes who said what, it has little bandwidth left to process what was actually said, making your conference call experience arduous and inefficient.

bad conference call experience

immersive 3D HD conference calls

3D immersive conference calls

In Voxeet’s 3D immersive conference calls, state-of-the-art 3DHD sound mimics the way your brain works when you interact with multiple people, making every Voxeet conference call feel like a face-to-face meeting. By assigning callers to individual audio streams, we let you hear every voice in every conference call coming from a distinct place. Combined with our onscreen virtual conference room with unique avatars for each participant, noise suppression technology and wide band audio quality, Voxeet delivers the most natural conference calls you’ve ever experienced.

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