• Lifelike audio on iOS, Android and PCs eliminates conferencing fatigue increases caller engagement
  • Maximizes productivity
  • Seamless call transfers between PCs, smartphones and tablets
    let users start and finish conferences on their device of choice

SAN FRANCISCO (Feb. 19, 2014) – Each year, people spend a total of more than 100 billion minutes on audio conference calls. That’s impressive, considering all of the complaints about poor audio quality and confusion about who’s talking, which can make each minute on some calls seem like a lifetime.

The new generation of Voxeet’s award-winning mobile apps for iOS, Android and updated desktop softphones eliminates those and other major conference-calling headaches, freeing participants to focus on the actual discussion. As the first conferencing service designed for the mobile generation, Voxeet is ideal for today’s mobile work styles, as well as for the growing number of enterprises using smartphones, tablets and softphones to eliminate deskphones and the expenses that come with them.

Voxeet maximizes productivity by making it easier for callers to understand one another and identify who’s speaking, all of which can shorten conference calls and minimize mistakes. Voxeet gets the audio right the first time, every time, by removing talk-over and delays while eliminating the annoyance and wasted time of having to dial back in.

“Voxeet is the first service that I have used that actually emulates many of the attributes of being in a meeting, while on an audio conference call,” said David Coleman, senior analyst at Collaborative Strategies, Inc. and GigaOM Research. “It is a mobile-first application, and the sound quality and stereo separation show their technology leadership in this area.”

Lauded by Forbes, InformationWeek, PC Magazine and others, Voxeet 1.0 provided the key performance indicators and other real-world information used to develop an enhanced audio engine and other major new features in Voxeet 2.0. Available immediately for Android, iOS and Windows, Voxeet 2.0 provides:

  • 3DHD audio, which minimizes call fatigue by eliminating annoyances such as asking people to repeat themselves, while making it easier to understand callers with accents. The advanced audio engine also eliminates background noise, echo, talk over and differences in each participant’s audio level.
  • A roomlike experience, where acoustic and visual cues eliminate guesswork about who’s speaking, even when multiple people are talking simultaneously. By putting each participant’s audio in its own stream, Voxeet replicates the experience of being able to tell who’s speaking simply by the direction each voice is coming from, leveraging the way the brain works when there are multiple speakers in a room. Each user’s avatar and other visual cues provide additional information about each speaker’s participation status and position in the virtual room.
  • Whisper mode for private, one-on-one conversations during conference calls. Users simply click on another participant’s avatar, eliminating the need to use a separate chat app as a backchannel. During the Whisper chat, users can still hear the rest of the conference, so they don’t miss important points.
  • Seamless, single-click call transfer between mobiles and computers so users can start a call on one device and finish it on another. Transfers are inaudible to other participants, so there are no strange sounds to interrupt the conversation.
  • WebRTC, which has matured enough to serve as the foundation for Voxeet’s proprietary 3DHD technology, noise suppression and other industry-first features. Voxeet’s new WebRTC-based audio stack replaces the 1.0 app’s multi-vendor solution to provide greater reliability and consistency across different types of devices and networks.
  • An intuitive user interface that enables on-demand conferencing and simplifies common tasks such as call transfers. With Google Calendar, iCal, Outlook and other platforms, Voxeet users simply include meet@voxeet.me as a participant to instantly schedule a conference. Voxeet then calls each participant and the host as the conference is about to begin, eliminating the need for PINs and dial-in numbers.
  • Integration with contact lists and Facebook to streamline tasks such as creating a Voxeet account, sending invitations and organizing contacts into frequently conferenced groups.

“By bringing immersive 3DHD audio to desktops, tablets and smartphones while eliminating the hassle of PINs and dial-in numbers, Voxeet transforms the conference call experience from a fatiguing chore into a simple, lifelike way to collaborate effectively,” said Voxeet Founder and CEO Stephane Giraudie. “With Voxeet 2.0’s new audio engine and other enhanced features, we’ve raised the bar again for what’s possible in conferencing and created an experience that people don’t want to give up once they’ve tried it.”

The new Voxeet 2.0 mobile apps and PC softphones, and the HD conferencing service, are available now for free from meet.voxeet.com/download.

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