There’s something groundbreaking happening under the hood at Voxeet: We have an entirely new engine. WebRTC now serves as the foundation for our proprietary 3DHD audio technology, replacing our previous multi-vendor solution.

The result? Voxeet 2.0 delivers never-before-imagined levels of quality and consistency across different devices and networks, for sound so mind-bendingly clear, you have to experience it to believe it.

All this, plus everything you already love about Voxeet:

  • The cross-device consistency of an app built from the ground up for mobile users
  • Unique avatars—and individual audio streams—for each caller
  • One-click transfers between devices
  • Conference calls that call you—no dial-ins or PINs necessary
  • Private two-way conversations during your call with Whisper Mode
  • Easy integration with your contact lists and Facebook

Conference calling has never felt more natural. Try our new version and experience the difference.