Voxeet 3.0 Amplifies a User’s Experience with a New Look and Feel, Increased Ease-of-Use; Takes Audio and Sound Quality to the Next Level

Voxeet, a communications innovator that is redefining group conferencing with highly immersive and clear 3DHD audio, today launched Voxeet 3.0, the newest version of its award winning group conference calling app. With a new look and feel, richer audio and other feature enhancements, the new version improves the conference calling experience and makes Voxeet even more intuitive and easier to use.

“Android and Windows enthusiasts power the Web and are ready for an even greater disruption in audio conferencing,” said Stephane Giraudie, CEO and founder of Voxeet. “So we’re excited to demonstrate what’s next in audio conferencing by introducing Voxeet 3.0. This new version gives Windows and Android users a bolder, more immersive conference calling experience than ever before with the ability to more quickly schedule and participate in virtual meetings with multiple people in multiple locations – all while solving the problem of keeping track of who said what and when.”

Voxeet 3.0’s new on-boarding and dashboard features make it simple to sign-up and then start or schedule a conference. A split menu and news feed let you quickly view missed calls, your call history, frequently called contacts and recent activities, ranging from scheduling a call to updating your profile.

To set-up a meeting, opt to let the system auto-choose your contacts, based on your past activities. Or, use a single screen to invite contacts to join you from your Voxeet, Facebook, Google Plus or email accounts. You can decide who to invite by viewing the list of conference calls that you’ve previously held and dial your most used group conference contacts in a single click.

The new version offers even greater reliability with improved echo cancellation to amplify your experience with enhanced sound quality.

According to a recent survey by Wainhouse Research, respondents cited background noise, keeping track of multiple speakers and unnatural interaction as among the biggest problems associated with traditional conference calling.

“Voxeet 3.0 furthers our goal of creating a dynamic, out-of-the-box, surround sound-like conferencing experience for Android and Windows-based users, which represent about 60 percent of our customers,” added Giraudie.

More About Voxeet

Unlike other conferencing apps, Voxeet offers a highly immersive experience with state-of-the-art 3DHD sound that mimics the way the human brain works when interacting with multiple people so every conference call feels like a face-to-face meeting. The foundation of Voxeet’s proprietary technology is WebRTC, which enables consistency and reliability across devices. Using Voxeet you can:

  • Set-up your own unique avatar and audio stream within a highly intuitive and interactive interface. An advanced audio engine eliminates background noise and differences in each participant’s audio level while making it easier to understand people with accents.
  • Replicate a room-like experience by moving participants around in a call to hear a person’s voice in the place that you move it to.
  • See and hear who is speaking. Even when multiple people are talking simultaneously, acoustic and visual cues eliminate guesswork. Callers experience voices coming from different directions.
  • Activate Whisper mode to hold private, one-on-one conversations during conference calls by clicking on another person’s avatar. During the Whisper chat, you can still hear the rest of the conference so that you don’t miss key points.
  • Start a Voxeet call on one device and finish it on another. Transfer the call from your mobile phone to your tablet, laptop or other device in one-click and with no strange sounds to signal an interruption.
  • Take advantage of on-demand conferencing, using Google Calendar, iCal, Outlook and other platforms for scheduling. Voxeet calls each participant and the host as the conference is about to begin – eliminating the need for PINs and dial-in numbers.
  • Conference-in people who prefer traditional conference calls or are restricted from downloading apps to their mobile devices or PCs via Voxeet’s dial-in capability, which is available in more than 40 countries (albeit without 3DHD capabilities).

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